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I’ve given the go-ahead to my printer, the presses are rolling with the final, final version of my first book. There’s no more to do on my science fiction/fantasy adventure novel, ‘The Greatest Gift’. Well, no more writing or checking or re-checking or editing.

That feels quite odd. I can of course progress the sequel, already well under way, but somehow my first is now out there, all on its own and it feels like it needs me.

So, what now? Marketing of course. But I’m a writer, where do I start with marketing? Actually, my first stop is Waterstones (they’ve dropped the apostrophe). They apparently allow local self-published writers/authors to launch their book in one of their outlets.
A book signing then, maybe the newspapers will come! Now where’s that telephone number?

The Greatest Gift, available next week. Order in advance to avoid disappointment, haha.