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This week should see the delivery of the first batch of the final, final paperback version of my science fiction adventure, THE GREATEST GIFT. Exciting times.

However, I’m beginning to realise that what I’ve done is the easy bit, write the book. Now it’s marketing, a whole new ball-game and I don’t like games much.

I do have a few ideas however and the ebook versions will be distributed for me by the company that converted it. With the printed book though, it’s going to be a long haul as I will be spending time in bookshops and golf clubs that will allow me, as a local author, some space to promote the book.

My main concern here is, how’s that going to fit with my full time work? It was hard enough finding time to write a book in the first place, let alone time out to market aggressively. Ironic really as my book is about time.

The trials of a self-publisher eh. Or would it be so different if I were represented by a publisher? Answers on a on a £50 note please.

THE GREATEST GIFT available at http://www.balneaves.co.uk