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Trawling the Internet for your own surname can bring up a whole raft of information. For instance, recently I came across Elizabeth Balneaves another author.

Now, Balneaves is not a very common name and one day I must look into my genealogy, but Elizabeth seems to have written quite a few novels and had a very adventurous life. I have sourced one of her Books, Elephant Valley and look forward to reading it. Unfortunately she died in 2006 so meeting her is not an option.

Another finding on the web was John Balnaves (alternative spelling). In 1587 he was scribe to the Assembly of Perth in Scotland. I’m guessing he too is dead but for both they live on in their books and writing.

The Greatest Gift by Ken Balneaves, available in all formats from my website, http://www.balneaves.co.uk20120429-145120.jpg