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Recently, I have been all at sea. No literally, I have been on a Celebrity cruise and Internet coverage has been patchy and very expensive. However, as I have a Twitter following and membership of a couple of Triberr tribes, I would have felt guilty if I could not fulfill my obligations to both.

My recent contact has undoubtedly been less than normal, but I have kept in touch. Free wifi was often available in the port’s Internet cafés but with sea days aplenty, often I had no choice other than to use the ship’s wifi at $0.75/minute ($0.48 if I bought 100 advance minutes).

It always amazes me why wifi has to be charged for at all, it’s generally there anyway for most organisations and should, in my opinion, be free. Okay, maybe at sea there probably must be some cost for satellite usage but even if only 10% of the 2,000 passengers use the wifi, at $150/cruise, that’s $30,000 revenue for wifi. That seems excessive to me. *unclenches fists, rant over*

As I’m a part-time writer, generally only writing whilst on holiday, sea days are great for writing. I tuck myself away in the corner of the ship’s café and write away. As a result, the sequel to, The Greatest Gift, my science fiction adventure novel is now coming along nicely, 12,000 words in less than three weeks.

TGG is available in all formats at, http://www.balneaves.co.uk