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As a part time writer, with a full time job in architecture, it’s very hard to be consistent in important areas like marketing. Keeping up with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Triberr, Goodreads, etc. are also real time sappers. Of late, however I’ve had another reason for not posting as frequently as I normally do.

My last post talked of the sad and sudden loss of a friend to a brain haemorrhage. Recently, I have been writing his eulogy to read at the funeral tomorrow and I truly believe it’s the hardest piece I’ve ever had to write. Writing science fiction, comes fairly naturally to me, whereas, writing about life does not. However, it’s done now after many re-writes and edits. Just four hundred words, not much for a lifetime of friendship, but heartfelt. Yet another life experience for me to draw upon when writing, but one I could have done without.