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For a number of years now, my News has, in one form or another, been recieved via the Internet or over the airwaves of television or radio, seldom do I read a newspaper. However, recently, on a return journey from France, whilst onboard a ferry from Caen to Southampton in the UK, I bought a copy of The Times newspaper.

The Times was, of old, the very backbone of Britishness; read by businessmen and Aristocracy alike, it’s views were respected the world over. I had been aware that the paper’s format had been changed from broadsheet to tabloid, but I had not realised that other changes also seem to have followed that. It now resembles The Sun newspaper, another paper from the Murdoch stables and one far less respected than The Times ever was with its sometimes lewd and often bawdy content.

In Times gone by [pun intended], everything from business takeovers to obituaries, readers’ opinions to court matters, catastropies to personal achievements, were printed. Now, the paper is full of gaudy adverts and the news has to be sifted out. I cannot comment upon its quality of content as I’ve only today’s copy to go by, but it appears to me that it’s not far from gaudy to bawdy and I do wonder how long that will take.