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A while ago I posted the following blog.

“Now that my book, The Greatest Gift, is available in print and eBook versions, I’ve started telling people about it.

Proud of my achievement and English being a weakness at school, I sent a copy to the Rector (headmaster) of my old school, Trinity Academy, Edinburgh, with a covering letter, quoting what the old Rector had said to me when I was fifteen, “Balneaves, you’ll never make anything of yourself Boy.”

At the suggestion of a friend, Len Russell (Author of the [now] released, A Man Who Cast Two Shadows), I also offered to give a hardback copy of the book as a prize to a student for ‘best effort in English’. To my surprise and delight, the current Rector, telephoned me to accept and also asked me to be Guest of Honour at the forthcoming school award ceremony to hand out the awards and make a short speech about my book.

So, it’s back to school for me in June and what a tremendous accolade to be asked. Thank you Sir.

Paperback available at http://www.balneaves.co.uk

EBook for Kindle and ePub for Mac and IPhone are also available through links on the same website.”

Well, it’s this Wednesday and as I live near London, I am greatly looking forward to returning to my roots in Edinburgh. The speech will be a bit daunting though. With 140 pupils, their siblings, parents and possibly grandparents, there could be 400 in all, by far my largest audience. Wish me luck.