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Next Saturday, 21st July, I’m being interviewed on Vibe1076 radio station about my book, The Greatest Gift. This is a local station, broadcast from Watford in Hertfordshire (UK).

Josh, the DJ, who has just read TGG, will be firing questions at me, some of which I am sure will be taxing. After all, it wouldn’t be interesting if it wasn’t controversial, would it? Trouble is, I wrote TGG over a period of five years and it has now been published for six months. It’s also potentially a little confusing that I’m currently writing the sequel, Drifting Sands. It would be easy to mix up the two stories particularly as time-travel is involved, which can at times be somewhat confusing. So, I will need to re-read it myself so I remember all that I wrote. I wonder how I will rate it this time around?

You can listen to the interview live on the Internet http://www.vibe1076.com, 9:00 a.m. UK time.

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