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It’s not as scary as you’d think, being on the radio. There’s only you and the interviewer there (just don’t think about the thousands that might be listening).

It went well. At least, everyone who listened said so. For me, it was over in a trice. Perhaps I overdid it on the preparation front though; I had far too much information ready, just in case the DJ asked an awkward one.

The day before, I had speed read my book. That was however, a really great thing to do and has inadvertently opened up many avenues for the sequel I am currently writing. It’s amazing what I had forgotten from my first book. How difficult must it be when writing a trilogy or a series? I guess I will find out, as I intend to write a series after the sequel.

So, first radio interview over, what’s next? I’ve already done a 450 person audience presentation, as guest of honour at my old school; I presented the year’s prizes to 140 students a month ago. In many ways, that was more daunting than being on radio. However, I think the most alarming situation would be television, especially when you’ve slipped into another time zone, something the lead character from my book, The Greatest Gift, knows all about! What a nightmare!

Over prepared or not, it seems to me that my personal motto prevails; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And I’ve also learnt something new; there’s no such thing as being too prepared.

There’s more information about my book, and where to buy it, at, Http://www.balneaves.co.uk