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Today, from one if my American readers, I have been amazed to be told that Amazon might change manuscripts; I have yet to check this out for my book and she hasn’t read it through yet to confirm.

However, this lady has told me, “… Typically [with UK authors’ books] spellings are changed to Yanklish… words like “torch” changed to “flashlight”, etc…” and, ” It is done with everything. We don’t see Harry Potter or Tolkien or anything in the original here. It’s quite sad.”.

I did tell her, “It’s okay, I didn’t use the word torch.” But seriously, it is indeed quite sad and, if true, surely an infringement of an author’s copyright. Does anyone know if this is fact? She did mention that it definitely happens in paperback versions (possibly with the author’s consent?) but she was less sure if it was the case when only available in the US in Kindle version, as currently my book is.

However, can this be the case? I’d appreciate feedback from anyone who knows the truth.

Ken Balneaves wrote, The Greatest Gift, available at http://amzn.to/QF7RLd (US), http://amzn.to/O12kgX (UK)