About Ken

My enemy is time. I want to achieve as much as possible in my life without being obsessive. I have a good life but it’s not all about me. I have a great wife and three wonderful grown-up children.

My career is in architecture and surveying, my hobby is working with wood; I am also a helicopter pilot.

Right now, my priority is my forthcoming book, THE GREATEST GIFT, due for ebook publication later this year. The sequel, DRIFTING SANDS? Well who knows, the first book took five years to write! (I only write when I’m on holiday and my mind is uncluttered).

Trying to fit it all in is the challenge, balance is important.

This picture was taken at my son’s wedding earlier this year.

6 thoughts on “About Ken”

  1. Its impossible to aways unclutter your mind, hey that’s where I find my greatest ideas, back there in the junk which collects in the corners and on top of stuff. Anyhoo, great blog.


    • Thanks Constance. You’re right it is impossible to fully unclutter but my full time work gets in the way sometimes, however, I love switching to writing, it’s something in my life that I never thought I’d do.

  2. Your statements, “My enemy is time…” and “…the first book took five years to write!” remind me of my favourite (I’m Canadian, eh?) quote, Willy Wonka’s “So much time, and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.” Always that clock is ticking. My first book just passed the five-year mark this summer and it’s not done–something to do with that need to be employed in order to pay bills. Worst is when the ideas pour just before I leave for work. The resultant collection of small scene files makes for a lot of lost hours as I go through and connect things. I suppose the saving grace is that I catch those natural conversations in the moment. But if you ever find a way for time to stand still for a few weeks while we writers catch up, do let me know.

    • Thanks Eva, I too work to pay the bills and have notes everywhere for this book and a sequel. If I do manage to stop time, you will be the second to know. If I can make it go backwards, I’ll tell you last week. Did I? No. I guess it can’t be done, or can it, we’ll see. All the best.

  3. I like your style.

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