The Pottery

So there you are, I’ve been wondering when you would arrive, come in out of the rain. You know, it’s been two long years since they left me and now, here I stand abandoned, broken, useless and desolate.

Of course it’s not just me whose in that state so please, before you begin your work, take a look around and remember what went on here. All the busy hands, all the happy people, working together, you know, working.

Hear the echoes of their chatter, feel their warmth, imagine the pride in their beautiful produce. Can you see it as you stand there in the puddles, looking at the abandoned Potters’ wheels, the scattered order books and the broken remnants of my past? Look, on the shelf, there’s a whole cup and saucer, please, take it for your tea.

You know, it doesn’t really seem so very long ago that I was employed and so were they, bustling happy men and women. But they too are now on the scrapheap with no hope, unwanted, relics of a past age, unable to see the way forward, asking the question, why.

Well, it’s your turn to work now, so take your new machine with its giant pincers and start nibbling at my structure. Clear me to make way for that new out of town shopping centre. What are you waiting for, my permission, or do I see a tear in your eye? I hope so, we all deserve that, at least.

2 thoughts on “The Pottery”

  1. Well, that’s nice. Quite nostalgic actually. I felt pain. My fav line was, “there’s a whole cup and saucer, please, take it for your tea.”

    • Ashley, thanks. I don’t know where that story came from, it caught me by surprise but I was on a drive through the country yesterday from London to Scarborough (UK) where I passed some derelict buildings, but a Pottery?

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